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Jane Walker First Women Grant Program (iFundWomen)

Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker, a whisky that celebrates the achievements of women and all those pushing boundaries towards gender equality, wants to see more firsts for women.

2020 was a year defined by firsts – firsts that disrupted our way of life and tested us, but also strengthened us, and propelled us forward towards a more equitable future. Perhaps the biggest firsts of all this year, were firsts for women - like the first statue of real women installed in New York City’s Central Park, the first woman to be named CEO of a major U.S. banking institution, and of course, the first female Vice President-elect in our country’s 244-year history.

Issuing an Open Letter in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, Jane Walker launched the First Women campaign to celebrate those boundary-breaking moments and to support others on the journey towards a monumental first. Read the full Open Letter here.

As part of the First Women campaign, Jane Walker and IFundWomen have teamed up to help create more opportunities for women to achieve their goals. Through this program, 15 groundbreaking women-owned businesses will be selected across the Entertainment & Film, Music, Sports, Journalism, and Hospitality industries to receive a $10K grant plus a one-year Annual Coaching Membership on IFundWomen.

Together, we are funding businesses identified in collaboration with a network of powerful icons who’ve achieved history-making firsts to support those on their journey towards a next first. This trailblazing network of “First Women” include:

  • Billie Jean King

  • Elaine Welteroth

  • Elizabeth Banks

  • Halle Berry

  • Katie Couric

  • Katie Sowers

  • Lilly Singh

  • Lucy Liu

  • Rita Moreno

  • Salt-N-Pepa

Jane Walker has committed to funding women-owned businesses across Entertainment & Film, Music, Sports, Journalism, and Hospitality. If you are a woman entrepreneur whose business is pushing boundaries to create a more vibrant, diverse world, apply today!


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