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NJ THRIVES Small Business Webinars

NJ Thrives Small Business Webinars are weekly webinars created to help New Jersey small business owners start, grow, and THRIVE. These event's are brought to you by the NJSBDC. To view our calendar of events, click here to find our next LIVE webinar.

NJThrives #056: America's Seed Fund: Get $2 Million For Your Big Tech Idea for 0 Equity

NJThrives #056: America's Seed Fund: Get $2 Million For Your Big Tech Idea for 0 Equity

Are you a Tech-based Engineer, Developer, or Entrepreneur with a Tech Innovation Idea that can solve a unique problem within the United States government? U.S. Government ""America's Seed Fund"" will fund your idea UP TO $2 Million and take ZERO equity. America’s Seed Fund powered by NSF (also known as the NSF SBIR/STTR program) helps tech-based small businesses navigate the earliest stages of technology translation, investing roughly $200 million annually in startups. Each startup can receive up to $2 million to support translational research and development. From advanced manufacturing to artificial intelligence to biological technologies to environmental technologies, they fund nearly all areas of technology. The best part? The NJSBDC has a team of Tech Consultants created specifically to help small businesses with big ideas to guide you through the entire process at no cost. In this webinar David Linz, NJSBDC Tech Consultant will show you: - Top 10 Reasons To Pursue SBIR/STTR - How to Know You're Eligible - What is the SBIR/STTR Roadmap - How the NJSBDC will help at no cost ✅ No-Cost Guidance? Funding of Your Idea? and 0 Equity?'s a no-brainer. ➡️ Register for this webinar today Learn more about ""America's Seed Fund"" at: About NJ Thrives Small Business Webinars & Events: Weekly live webinar series dedicated to helping small businesses in New Jersey THRIVE. We go live every other Tuesday and every Thursday at 12 pm. ► Get $0 Cost Business Consulting in NJ: ► Get Assistance with Funding: ► Find the Next Webinar here: ► Follow Us On Social: - Instagram: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Linkedin:
NJThrives #055: How Veteran-Owned Small Businesses Can Tap Into $140B+ in Contracting Dollars